Experience of Gratitude and Transcendence supported by the dance

Enjoy this personal sharing that speaks about the power of movement to support the experience of gratitude and transcendence.

There is a place we can reach in the dance – where the heart is touched and there is an opening in the system of the body and we can have a taste or an experience of transcendence.

It might feel deep connection or beauty, acceptance or wholeness – sometimes there is a specific awareness or an AHHA that accompanies these moments but often there is only sensation. A sensation of expanded sensitivity that feels very alive – it feels good – it feels like truth.

We can describe these moments or transcendence as an expansion of Self – a shift from small self to big Self – or a place of connecting to a deeper sense of self – to our soul.

And the dance support this…

We can notice that when we feel this in the dance there is an opening that is happening. This is why Opening is one of the 4 Orientations and why I say that we cannot force the opening but we can be available to it – we can orient towards it and explore the possibilities … so that we become more fluent in reaching these states of expanded awareness and sensitivity.

I invite you to dive deeper into this topic with the Azul Online Workshop Opening. It is a part of Azul 4 Orientations series.