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The Azul Workshops with Amara Pagano are designed to explore individual topics that provide a foundation for the work of personal transformation.

Azul Workshops take place in non-residential set up over weekend and serve as an introduction to the deeper exploration of the retreats. They are open to all and no previous experience is required.

“Light has an exquisite quality that illuminates the shadows and makes them beautiful. 

If we apply the same knowing to the experience of relating to the parts of us that create negative patterns and cause suffering to ourselves and others, we open to the possibility for the light to transform these parts and create beauty.

As we bring light to our movement through listening, allowing, opening and moving towards, we begin to illuminate the beauty in all of who we are. 

This illumination is the awakening of love.”


Azul conscious movement workshop with Amara Pagano Power of Yes

Our YES will never give up because it is the nature of life itself. It is our true nature. The NO we carry is a distortion and will eventually be dissolved.

Neuroscience is telling us that when we can embody the emotional state of YES we open a channel for what we desire to manifest. There is something that happens when we embody YES that creates new pathways and possibilities.

In this weekend workshop we will explore the embodiment of YES and the work of opening our hearts. Azul is a path of awakening love – our YES – through movement and meditation.

Awakening Embodiment conscious dance workshop with Amara Pagano

Embodiment is allowing our heart, mind, and body to exist as one miraculous skin.

“Embodiment” is a process of reconnecting to this felt sense – tending to the numb layers and awakening the innate sensitivity of the body. It is a journey of relaxation and release, deep listening and honoring of what our internal navigation is saying. Using movement and a psycho spiritual approach we will come home to ourselves and experience the beauty of embodiment.

The Four Orientations of Azul

The Azul workshops series described below is centered around the four Orientations of Azul, that support a deeper experience on the dance floor and in life.
The four Orientations are: Listening, Allowing, Opening, Moving Towards.

The Orientations are the gateways that allow you to enter the Azul spiral from different angles and are the threads of the fabric woven through Azul. Each workshop explores one of the Orientations. All workshops will be offered online and also scheduled live
when possible.


Is the basis of it all. Our primary focus on the dance floor is cultivating and practicing our capacity to listen through the body.


Has to do with our ability to allow life to be as it is. It is to simply not resist what is happening and not limit our experience of it.


Is that which extends us further. There is choice in opening: we can choose to open our heart, we choose to open to the moment. And that opening is what creates space.

Moving Towards 

Roots us in the certainty that everything in life is part of our growth. Moving towards our pain is the first powerful step in moving towards personal freedom. It is moving towards that transforms suffering into joy.

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Voice of the Heart

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We have so many voices that chime inside of us – dance is one way to listen through the chatter and hear the voice of your deepest knowing.

In the Azul path of personal transformation there are 4 Orientations: Listening, Allowing, Opening and Moving Towards. This workshop focuses on Listening.

Listening is the key that opens the door to hearing the voice of the heart. Since the heart is experienced in the body, Listening through the body connects us to our higher wisdom.

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Living Fully Loving Deeply

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Imagine the possibility of allowing life to be as it is.

Imagine not resisting what life is asking of you.

Imagine that this connects you to the physical experience of living fully and loving deeply.

In Azul we work with 4 orientations: Listening, Opening, Allowing and Moving Towards. In this workshop, we explore ALLOWING.

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Azul_conscious_movement_workshop Open

To open is awakening to the moment. It is feeling what is.

There is often a way in which we close when we do not get what we want… until we discover that we have a choice to stay open even when we are not getting what was expected.

In Azul we work with 4 orientations: Listening, Opening, Allowing and Moving Towards. In this workshop, we explore OPENING.

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Transforming Suffering to Joy

Azul_Consciou_Movement_Workshop_Transforming_Suffering_to_Joy picture

By choosing to move towards the moment, we begin to meet life in a more intimate way.

In Azul we work with 4 orientations: Listening, Opening, Allowing and Moving Towards. In this workshop, we explore MOVING TOWARDS.

This orientation roots us in the certainty that everything in life is part of our growth. By anchoring ourselves in the practice of moving towards we find greater ease with our life experience.

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