Holding the complexity of it all

I have been grappling with some big questions lately …

One of the loudest is: how can we overcome the increasingly polarized situation reflected in the upcoming US elections, as well as in many other countries? How can we find a way to remember our interconnectedness to one another and to life, and make a global course correction, moving towards a more peaceful and equanimous society?

With Azul, I am committed to the work of awakening love and have been wondering what does this mean in the current scenario and what value does it have. In my personal experience and life journey, it means being more connected to what is happening in the outer world and step up to my responsibility.

As a result, I am being stretched to hold the complexity of it all.

Sometimes this feels overwhelming and knocks me off center. Again and again, I notice that if I give it to my mind to sort out, it gets hard to find my way. But, when I am able to open my heart and remember the bigger journey of awakening love, trust and guidance arrive. That is why, during this times of great changes and uncertainties, it feels more important than ever to anchor myself in awakening love.

I also notice that life is giving me opportunities to deepen in this process. Life is presenting me with situations that invite me to take on another layer of house cleaning, another layer of tending to the hurts that still reverberate in my system.

There was a situation recently where -after a lot of resisting- I was finally able to see how attached I was to being hurt, and the cost of this to my relations, life force and well being. This attachment was anchored deep into my system and was threaded to my childhood wounding and souls learning.

The awareness came to me through the dance – through opening my heart and moving towards what was happening, allowing this information rise into my awareness through movement. With the awareness, came relief and tears – finally feeling something that has silently operated in the background for a long time – shaping my interactions and leaving a trail of continued hurt.

I share this to perhaps give you the courage to notice what is happening in your life, and use it as guidance for deeper inquiry. It is an important time for us to keep tending to the layers of our healing and life is a good messenger, pointing us towards our growth.

Often, these layers are hard to reach and fuzzy in our awareness. We have a sense but we do not understand fully what is creating the block. Healing is a combination of feeling and understanding. The dance is a powerful way to feel what has been buried and receive the understanding that frees the stuck energy.

In this process, it is particularly important to explore the three portals that brought us into this life: Mother, Father and God. In each of these portals lays the key to our freedom.

When we dive into each of them and tend to what happened in our childhood and what is happening now – we are able to reach these more subtle layers and bring into focus our souls journey. All of the information about what our soul is here to heal and learn, lives inside of these three portals.

So, we keep exploring and tending to each of them, until all that is left is love. When this occurs, we are finally free. And when we are free, we have no need to control the other, have power over the other, or hurt the other. Or ourselves. When this occurs we will treat the earth and all life as sacred.

This is my prayer.

I encourage you to join me on this journey and be supported to take your next steps of healing. Now is a great time ~

Love Amara

If your are curious about the work with of the portals of Mother, Father and God, we invite you to explore it through movement with the online workshop Portals of Healing. It can be a good preparation before deep dive of the Azul Trilogy Program.