Founding Curator of the Unified Planet (UP)

Founding Curator of the Unified Planet (UP)

Lucian is Founding Curator of the Unified Planet (UP) Game, a time traveling immersive reality game to design a thriving civilisation in harmony with all life. It unleashes collective intelligence of teams to accelerate solutions for planetary thriving.

The United Planet forms ecosystems focused on optimizing the flow of resources necessary to ensure a thriving civilization by 2030. United Planet hosts UP Games in locations around the world to tell the greatest story never told. Each UP Game is a 6 day Rite of Passage outside of time. Each Game gathers up to 48 storytellers of the future. 4 teams of up to 12 players create an immersive day where our collective visions have been achieved.

A full game runs for 6 days with Time Day on Sunday, Air Day on Monday, Water Day on Tuesday, Fire Day on Wednesday, Earth Day on Thursday and Aether Day on Friday. The Next UP Game is happening in Bali, Indonesia from April 22-29th.

Each UP Game creates a unifying narrative around the stories of how we remembered the future and delivered on our collective imagination and potential.

Lucian has been an active attendee of World Economic Forum he speaks on the convergence of talent, communities and the transformation of society.