Portals of Healing

If life is a journey of awakening love, there is no faster route than to work inside the portals of Mother, Father and God, since our relation with these three portals shape and influence our entire life experience.

From a spiritual perspective, we can understand that we come here to learn what we need in order for our soul to evolve. These lessons are learned working through the challenges we encounter inside of our relationship with each one of these portals.

From this vantage point, we can see that all that happens in our lives is in service to our soul’s journey and an opportunity for our heart to heal.

This understanding opens the possibility to integrate our past.

Harmonising with our past involves clearing our emotional bodies of all residues and their negative effects on our lives. In this process, we shine light into the dark corners of our denied feelings, giving them the opportunity to move and be felt. Healing is a process of digesting what has been through feeling and understanding. Our body and movement provide direct access to this content.

In the work of Mother, Father and God we begin by identifying a current life situation that carries some negative energy, an area where there is dissatisfaction, a sense of wanting something and not being able to have it, or a person with whom there is still some sticky energy. We look at this situation and search for connections to the past, looking for possible threads to one of the portals.

We then start exploring our childhood experience and open to the possibility that what we have encountered there has been the perfect prescription for what our soul is here to transform. Through this process, we see how a core wounding developed in early childhood has influenced our life and how our current struggles are still connected to our continued effort to resolve this. This core wounding can be a specific event (trauma, shock, or humiliation) or it can be the result of the environment in which we were raised, an expectation of who we were supposed to be in order to receive love from our parents.

We then focus our attention into each portal, beginning with Mother, to identify what is still there for us and tend to the specifics of what happened inside of this portal.

The movement is a way to listen and feel what is there.

The beauty of this work is that is done layer by layer, slowly revealing the love that is alive underneath.

We do this work until all that is left is love and we can truly look into the eyes of our mothers, fathers and god and say thank you!

Thank you for absolutely everything…

Portals of Healing is a part of the Azul Trilogy Program. We invite you to check it out and see how this powerful container can support you to align with your highest potential.

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