Welcome to Azul Online Study

Here you will find a selection of recorded programs prepared to support your movement practice at home. They provide an opportunity to explore the path of Azul and move through the experience in your own pace.

Free Experience

Azul Movement Experience

Experience the freedom of your body in motion! Enjoy this session that will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. Discover the power of conscious dance to restore the flow of energy in your body!

Time: 1 session of 50 min
Format: Audio Stream

Orientations Series

Listening, Allowing, Opening & Moving Towards

Explore the Four Orientations of Azul in this online workshop series. The Four Orientations are a core component and foundation of the work of Azul. Each Orientation has its own wisdom and together, they keep us engaged in our dance with life and in the awakening of love.

Modules: 4 Workshops
Time of each workshop:
2 session of 2h each
Format: Video Stream or Download

Specialty Workshops

Integrating Lower & Higher Self

Receive a map and dance through a movement journey to experience a taste of how the process of integrating the lower self works. This is what allows you to hear the voice of your higher self more clearly.

Time: 2 session of 2h each
Format: Video Stream or Download

Portals of Healing

Understand your souls journey. Enter the portals of mother, father and god through the movement, and discover what is waiting to be felt and understood. Listen to the body and receive the information about what is here for you to learn in this lifetime.

Time: 2 sessions of 2h each
Format: Video Stream or Download

Fear and Trust

Explore the possibility of holding fear and trust together and the opening of the heart that accompanies it. It is this opening that will allow the “new” that is wanting to emerge.

Time: 1 session of 3h
Format: Video Stream or Download

Azul Movement Collections

Azul Movement Journeys

Series of 14 professionally mastered guided sessions that will give you a good introduction to conscious dance as well as experience of Azul as a heart centered movement practice. Take your dance anywhere, anytime!

Time: 14 session of 50 min each
Format: Audio Stream or Download

Morning Movement Meditations

Begin your day with embodied movement! This Collection offers 21 Morning Movement Meditations. Discover for yourself how just 10 minutes can make a difference to your day. Enjoy anytime!

Time: 21 session of 10 min each
Format: Video and Audio Stream or Download

Global Conferences

Conscious Dance Conference

It is the collection of the audio and video recordings of the biggest event in the history of conscious dance, featuring some of the most experienced teachers and school founders from around the globe, for the first time ever on a live online event!

Time: 63 sessions of 50-60 min each
Format: Audio and Video  Stream or Download

OneDanceTribe Global

This collection features amazing teachers coming together to explore the theme of Transformation. 23 sessions woven into one fabric that will guide you through a deep transformational journey supporting what is happening in our inner and outer world at this moment in time.

Time: 23 sessions of about 2h each
Format: Video and Audio Stream or Download

Embodied Awakening Conference

The Conference is designed for people who believe that personal transformation can create collective impact and support the evolutionary shift into a new way of living together. 40 Downloadable Expert Speaker Talks and Panel audio and video Recordings from the Embodied Awakening Conference for unlimited viewing or listening.

Time: 40 hours from 40 presenters
Format: Video and Audio Stream or Download

Embodied Movement Conference

When you purchase the Conference Collection, you will be able to either stream or download the audio and video recording of all sessions to all your favourite devices. That’s over 33 hours of facilitation from some of the brightest lights on the planet. Watch the sessions anytime, anywhere. and share them with your friends and family. 

Time: 36 hours from 40 presenters
Format: Video and Audio Stream or Download

“There is a grace in relaxing into the experience of life.”